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Temenos a leading name offers flexible and scalable core banking software solution worldwide

TEMENOS Group AG is a market leader providing banking software solution to retail, corporate, private, international, microfinance and community banks. We support TEMENOS to sustain leadership position in the banking software market worldwide who is the supplier to more than 700 banking clients worldwide and is recognized as a technology leader over banking community...

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Temenos has been showing phenomenal growth during recent years

Temenos is setting up a new trend in the Banking application and forces one to think out of the box mainframe bank legacy systems and bringing a radical change in the thought process of the vendors in the banking domain.

That is what Commerce Bank in Kansas City, Missouri is doing, starting with its DDA system, he said. Commerce announced is selection of Temenos in December, saying the modern Temenos architecture would allow it to bring innovative products to market more quickly and efficiently and provide a platform for the bank’s digital business.

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